High Pressure Processing of Food

As the global leader in high pressure processing (HPP), Avure is making waves in the food industry. Our Fresher Under Pressure ® technology is a non-thermal process using water under very high hydrostatic pressure to produce packaged foods that are safer, longer lasting, more natural and better tasting. In addition, high pressure processing (also called high hydrostatic pressure processing or high pressure pasteurization) provides the food industry with new product development opportunities that can fully exploit the functional properties of ingredients such as hydrocolloids, proteins, etc.

• Safer foods. Avure high pressure pasteurization systems employ pressures up to 700 MPa (100,000 psi) to destroy many food-borne pathogens such as Listeria, E. Coli and Salmonella, with little or no change in organoleptic properties or nutritional value.

• Fresher foods. High pressure processing inactivates microorganisms that cause spoilage, naturally preserving the freshness of packaged foods. In most cases, the shelf life of the product can at least be doubled.

• More natural foods. High pressure pasteurization allows processors to substantially reduce or eliminate the use of chemical preservatives, cutting costs while creating the clean-label, all-natural and organic products consumers are demanding.

• Better tasting foods. Because high pressure processing doesn’t expose foods to the damaging effects of high temperatures, foods retain more of their fresh taste, texture, color and nutrients. 

Today the market for high pressure processed foods is reaching 2 billion dollars annually. HPP applications include:

Every day, more and more companies are recognizing Avure high pressure processing as their optimum long term, profitable, consumer-friendly food preservation solution. Freshness, taste, texture, nutrition, safety, convenience, shelf life, quality – it’s all there for the benefit of processors, distributors, retailers and consumers.

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