Lessons from Functional Foods, Beverages Failures

DUBLIN—Research and Markets released its “Failures in Functional Foods & Beverages: And what they Reveal about Success” report, which analyzes brands and ingredients that have either been withdrawn from market or have not performed as well as expected. It sets out the lessons that can be applied by anyone trying to develop an effective strategy for a brand or trying to commercialize nutrition science.

Categories covered in the report include dairy drinks and yogurts, breakfast cereals, water, juice drinks, and soy drinks. Health benefit platforms covered include weight management (satiety and calorie-burning), heart health (cholesterol-lowering, blood pressure-lowering), bone health, joint health, beauty and skin, energy, digestive health, and brain and eye development.

Ingredients featured include probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, whole grains, plant sterols and stanols, green tea, omega-3, coenzyme Q10, protein, soy, calcium, glucosamine, and antioxidants.

The two-part report analyzes which brand strategies are most effective and why, and which ingredient strategies are most effective and why. The report also features 15 detailed case studies that summarize – success factors, and common causes of failure; common lessons for pricing, positioning and marketing; key lessons in selecting ingredients; key lessons in communicating benefits; how to extend an existing brand; and how to create a successful new brand.


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