Global Opportunities for Functional Drinks

BROMSGROVE, England—Over the past few years, functional drinks has experienced the most dynamic growth out of all the soft drinks categories. Euromonitor International’s recently released “Global Functional Drinks Opportunities” report identifies markets and brands for functional drinks that offer the greatest growth opportunities and examines ways to accelerate trends where functional drinks are growing the fastest.

The data and analysis are specific to the key functional drinks sectors of sports drinks, energy drinks and functional bottled water. The report places greater emphasis on per capita volume than absolute volume in identifying opportunities. To facilitate per capita consumption comparisons across markets, this report utilizes the concept of a Category Development Index (CDI), which is defined on the last slide.

Although functional drinks is a relatively small segment, it has experienced the second highest growth rate over the past five years (behind RTD tea). Functional drinks’ high growth rate is attributable to it being a relatively new segment. Functional drinks manufacturers have been expanding geographic distribution and successfully introducing products targeted at new consumer segments. The forecast growth rate is lower than historical growth due to the maturing of sports drinks and the impact of the economic crisis in the early years of the forecast period.

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